The Catholic Church & Gay Marriage

I tend not to get worked up about things.  There are a few things that will get me pretty heated but on the whole, I’m pretty chilled out and so long as no one is hurting anyone else, I let people do what makes them happy in life…

I’ve also haven’t considered myself a “catholic” since I think I’ve been old enough to make that kind of decision myself.  I went to a catholic primary school, made my communion and confirmation but even at that stage I didn’t take it too seriously.

I do, however, feel pretty strongly about the catholic church in general.  They are not good feelings…

I accept that a large number of priests probably feel a calling and go into the church with the very best of intentions and do – undoubtedly – good work around the world.

I also feel, however, that people of certain persuasions were also drawn to the church in the past.  A place where you could;

a) go to get yourself cleansed of impure thoughts about young children
b) a place where you could find yourself in charge of lots of vulnerable young children.

While I don’t think these types of people are exclusively drawn to the church – there are many other scandals with problems in other types of organisations with kids – it was and probably still is the biggest organisation in the world with that much access to vulnerable people.

Pedophile Priests

What galls me, however, is how they reacted to these recent scandals.  I know I’m not alone in this, but I find it shocking beyond belief that the church could actively defend and even protect pedophile priests, move them from one parish to another or even to other countries to continue their abuse.  Then, proactively discourage the use of condoms in AIDS ravaged Africa and help in the spread of not just the disease but the mis-information that directly accelerates the spread of the disease.

To all of the international communities’ calls for answers and action, the church seemed non plussed and lethargic in the extreme.

Now, however… While God has no problem with protecting his soldiers from facing child rape charges here on earth, or with welcoming all the new African souls up to heaven after they have suffered terribly in their mortal coils, He/She does, however, get His/Her knickers in a twist about two people who love each other – and happen to have the same genitalia – who want to get married.

God Hates Fags…

The catholic church seems to have gotten a bee up it’s communal vestments as they send out thousands of letters to be read out at congregations and masses up and down the country (and others I believe) to actively discourage people from thinking that people who can’t make babies should be allowed to get married.  Leave aside the entire economy that has sprung up around straight couples unable to conceive naturally and artificial insemenation – should they have their marriages annulled when they find out?  But that’s for another post…

If good catholics believe that God made every living thing and gave us all free will, who is to say He/She didn’t intend to make gay people they way they are?  Who is your local priest to question the mysterious ways in which God works?  Perhaps God intended for us to have a little flair and theatre in the church – just look at some of the church’s outfits…

What does the church have to do with marriage anyway?

I was not married in a church.  My wife and I got up infront of all of our friends and family at a private ceremony and declared that we loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.  We signed our names in a book at the civil registry office and we were married.

At other weddings I’ve been at in churches, the couple have had their religious ceremony and then went to sign the civil registrar book which is the actual marriage agreement, is it not?  Then what, if anything, does the catholic church actually have to do with marriage?

If two gay men or women love each other, respect each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together as I do (with my wife…!), pay the same taxes as I do, live lawfully in the same country as I do, then why are they not afforded the same rights as I am?

Because a global pedophile ring thinks it’s unnatural?  Granted that may be a bit harsh – and the next bit might be a bit facetious – but I fail to see why the government would offer second class citizenship to gay people without at least giving them a break in their taxes…

Catholic church and kids

My kids are not baptised.  I have no desire for them to be.  If, when they grow up, they want to, then I shall not stand in their way.

While I did not tell a priest I have never met before the christening that I will raise my child to reject satan and all his teachings, I did make a promise to each of my kids that I will try to protect them from bad things in the world and prepare them for the bad things I can’t protect them from.

I love my kids and want what’s best for them.  I want them to grow up as happy, well adjusted individuals who can contribute to society and know right from wrong.  Living without God does not mean living without morals.

I want them grow up and find someone that makes them as happy as my wife makes me, whether that person has the same “bits” as them or not…