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What's Your Leadership Style?

Who you are determines how you lead - your personality; motivators and unconscious biases help to shape how effective you will be as a leader.

This seminar gives you insight into six leadership dimensions that influence leadership style and effectiveness as well as highlight some of your potential unconscious biases.

These dimensions outline how a leader manages themselves; their careers and relationships, the priorities on which a leader will focus, and how he or she will define success.

Why? How? Who?

The three most important questions an entrepreneur has to be able to answer to be successful. Deceptively simple to ask but not so easy to answer!

Being able to identify and focus on your personal or professional Why is not easy - being able to focus on your Why, figure out How you bring that Why to life and then Who you need to focus on will bring immense clarity to your entrepreneurial journey and personal satisfaction.

My Entrepreneurial Journey... so far

My first “business venture” was drawing and photocopying comics in my school aged 8… I cried when someone copied my idea – I like to think I’ve toughened up a little since then!

I've been involved in a number of startups - some have worked and others have been expensive learning opportunities!

I currently run a number of international companies. I'm also involved in supporting student entrepreneurs and accelerators helping companies to scale up their businesses.

Spending time figuring out my Why has been fundamentally important to my entrepreneurial journey.

Aspire & Flourish

How finding my “Why” or core purpose helped me focus on what really matters to me.

Going through Simon Sinek's book has helped me to figure out what's important to me and what I want to spend my time doing.  I'm being more intentional with my energy and my decisions.

It wasn't easy - nothing worth doing ever is, really - but it has given me such clarity around my time that I want to help others get that same focus.

Feminist Father

My blog about trying to raise two daughters in today's world.

I try to encourage them; teach them right from wrong; teach them to be respectful and helpful without being pushovers; to lean in and take charge when necessary and back off and let others win sometimes too.

I remember when I found out I was going to have my first daughter – I was a bit panicked… “What the hell do I know about raising a girl?!” I thought, “I’m never going to figure out how to bond with her…”.

Then when I found out our second child was a girl I thought “Oh, thank goodness – what the hell would I know about raising a boy?!?!?”.

Having daughters has made me slowly come to realise how things are in the world when you’re a white male.  Small jokes that I used to make have become grating to my psyche in case they somehow undermine how my daughters actually view themselves and that they start to develop self limiting beliefs.

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