If you're interested in getting me to speak at your event, on your podcast or something else, please get in touch using the form on this page.

Some of the topics I'm more than happy to help you with include:

What's Your Leadership Style?

Who you are determines how you lead - your personality; motivators and unconscious biases help to shape how effective you will be as a leader

Why? How? Who?

The three most important questions an entrepreneur has to be able to answer to be successful. Deceptively simple to ask but not so easy to answer!

My Entrepreneurial Journey... so far

My first “business venture” was drawing and photocopying comics in my school aged 8… I cried when someone copied my idea – I like to think I’ve toughened up a little since then!

Aspire & Flourish

How finding my “why” or core purpose helped me focus on what really matters to me

Feminist Father

My blog about trying to raise two daughters in today's world

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