Are you losing your packaging assets?

Let us help you to establish a chain of custody of your assets and establish a deposit-return scheme to insulate you from costs.

Managing returnable packaging is hard

We bring together a fully integrated suite of digital products required to gain insights into your business and make your returnable packaging a more valuable asset


Educatly is an educational platform that provides learning opportunities and educational networking. It enables educational institutions to post their programs, and students to post their educational curriculum for the benefit of both parties.


Our Vision
Providing an educational opportunity to every educational seeker.


Our Mission
Educatly aims to create connections that represent real-world learning relationships.

Junk Kouture

Our Mission
To unleash young people's creative brilliance

Our Goal
To empower young people to embrace the principle of sustainable living

By presenting a unique platform, Junk Kouture aims to instill belief in the mindset of young people, and make them believe that they can achieve whatever they want. 

From an idea to a finished product, from a concept to a tailored performance, creativity in Junk Kouture is the driving factor of every single aspect of this contest.

We task young people with exploring their inner brilliance, believing in it and in themselves.

Many say “to see is to believe”. We want Junk Kouture to allow young people to dream and explore ways of making their dream a reality, helping them succeed along the way.


Nava turns a city into your urban playground.

Dart down alleyways to discover colourful pieces of street art or descend into basements to uncover hidden drinking dens and their apothecary of spirits. Using machine learning Nava personalises city recommendations based on what YOU like to do. No more generic top 10 lists, just beautiful technology and bespoke storytelling. The more you use Nava, the more you’re helping your local businesses. Support the local craftsmen, the independent artists and the creative chefs who make up the character and identity of your city. Dive in and get exploring!

I’m honoured to be on the advisory board for this exciting and promising startup in the travel and tourism industry.

Owl Investments

Details coming soon