1. Drawing and selling comics – loved it

In 3rd class – around 8 or 9 years old.  I was probably selling comics for 5p but photocopying them in my parents office to the cost of around 35p per comic – I’ve improved my grasp on economics since!

2. Paper route for free papers in my area – hated it

Not much more to say on that one… 

3. Housekeeping – didn’t enjoy it…

in Avalon House Youth Hostel – working weekends in a hot laundry room seemed better than having to go to mass on Sunday… didn’t last long!

4. Organising parties and events with Eoin – loved it

In our late teens (around 17-19) we used to organise parties and events – with varying degrees of success.  Most notable of which was probably the time we managed to arrange a huge party in a pub but no-one was over 18 so the management wouldn’t serve us any alcohol which we argued against (like petulant teenagers…)  but the night was great fun anyway!

5. Producing IDs – enjoyed it I guess…

There was some kind of glitch in the computer so these IDs seemed to come with slight typos which may or may not have implied that the bearer was over 18 and therefore allowed to get into the bar or nightclub… ahem…

6. Promotional work – enjoyed it

Worked for a promotional company who arranged events for Rothmans Lights – pub events mainly where we would engage with punters (and possibly giving smokers free cigarettes to try…).  Morally questionable I know but never talked to anyone who wasn’t already smoking… As in cigarettes – I had a girlfriend at the time!  I was also a smoker at this point.

7. Heineken Rep – loved it

The position doesn’t exist anymore as more and more people are under 18 years old when they start college but when I was in Carlow IT I was paid to organise parties  and events with free beer and merchandise for students… I was quite popular!  Apparently this was the first time they had given the job to a non-drinker but it was a successful year for the sales in the small portfolio I had from them.