EO GSEA 2019 – Macau

Another year, another inspiring EO GSEA Global Finals!

This year the Global Finals were in Macau and I had the privilege of acting as MC for the event again this year.

This was also my last year as the Chair of the competition so the whole event was somewhat bittersweet!

Daniela being announced as the Global EO GSEA Winner for 2019
Kate Madden – Fenu Health

This year we welcomed students who represented 51 countries to find the best #studentpreneur of 2019. The semi-final rounds were extremely tough and every judge I spoke to complained that it was really hard to decide on a winner because the calibre of entrants in getting higher and higher each year.

Our very own Kate Madden represented Ireland brilliantly and did extremely well in the competition, just losing out her semi final round to the overall second place winner of the competition so I expect amazing things from Kate in the future – including having another go at the EO GSEA competition next year!

If you are a third level student and think you have what it takes to give Kate a run for her money next year (be warned – you better be really good!) you can start registering for the 2020 competition now by clicking here: http://gsea.org/apply


For me, this year was my last year as the Chair of the committee and I’ve had a really fantastic time over the last 5 years or so being directly involved – from running the local Irish events to joining the regional councils and then the global committee.

I have learned a huge amount about myself and about how I see the future.

I get inspired by the next generation of entrepreneurs every time I meet them, I also get a profound sense of “what have I done with my life” as they have already accomplished so much and have such great visions of the future… I just can’t help but get swept up in it!

The Dream Team

There have been a huge amount of people involved and working with me on a variety of different GSEA things over the last few years – too many to mention here in one list.

However, I would like to book-end the journey by thanking Miranda Barrett and Alex Read who convinced me to get involved all those years ago(!) and guide (push) me down this path – and the current EO GSEA Dream Team (you know, the ones who actually do everything other than talking on stage!) Catherine Antosh, Marisa White & Chelsea Dennison.

It has been a real pleasure and I will continue to support the EO GSEA programme in whatever capacity I can from the sidelines…

The GSEA Dream Team!