Translation Strategy is Important

I had a great time chatting with Wendy from the Global Marketing Show about all things international marketing and why it’s important to thing globally even when you’re starting out your local business.

#WebSummit 2013

Really looking forward to this Web Summit.  Have tried to go for the last two years but have been away at another conference each time. If you are going along or if we have met at the event, drop me a line and say hi!

This is a fantastic idea

Mercedes allowed people to open the doors of their virtual Viano with their own electronic car key and some interesting people were inside!

Amazing PR for the princely sum of £3!

You’ve probably seen this amazing letter doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment. A 3 and a half year old girl sent in a question about the bread in Sainsburys and the customer manager wrote back a very human letter in response and included a £3 gift certificate for the girl. It’s a great example of how businesses should …

WWF Low Impact Leaflet Campaign

I like this, it’s a great idea to get people talking about what you are all about.  Printing on a single piece of paper and getting people to share it. Cool.