Dublin Tattoo Convention

Dublin Tattoo Convention 2013Looking forward to heading along to the Dublin Tattoo Convention this weekend in the Red Cow Pavilion.  I’m looking to take some photos for my newly set up site/page Tattooed Humans.

Paddy Goon from Body Shock is one of the organisers and it promises to be an interesting event with the first ever Tattoo Wars competition taking place during the convention.

If you’re heading along, let me know…

#WebSummit 2013

Really looking forward to this Web Summit.  Have tried to go for the last two years but have been away at another conference each time.

If you are going along or if we have met at the event, drop me a line and say hi!  TheSummit.me/Stephen

What’s the point of LinkedIn?

I get these requests pretty regularly and admittedly I do send out requests when LinkedIn shows me someone I know but I’m still trying to figure out what LinkedIn is actually good for…

I’m not hiring, nor am I looking for a job.  I don’t really follow all the posts people put up because most of the notifications are for people and their new contacts – that I don’t really care about.

Anyone give me any feedback on what LinkedIn is good for or how I should be using it?  Either way, feel free to add me!

My LinkedIn Profile

This is a fantastic idea

Mercedes allowed people to open the doors of their virtual Viano with their own electronic car key and some interesting people were inside!