Stunt Drive Ireland Experience

For my birthday, I got a voucher to go to the Stunt Drive Ireland experience where we learned the best techniques for slalom driving (both driving forward and in reverse) as well as handbrake turning and parking.

It was a great day, where we broke down the different parts of the course separately and then put them all together for a time trial.

Afterwards we all got taken around in different drifting cars and a cat and mouse chase by some of the qualified stunt drivers / instructors – just to terrify us a little!

Final thoughts on the marriage referendum

This afternoon – just two days before the #MarriageRef here in Ireland – I was sitting having a coffee while I waited for my eldest daughter to finish up her evening social activity.  On the way there we had been discussing the posters around the streets and I was trying to put what the referendum means into a context she would understand.

While I was alone with my thoughts and my coffee I started thinking again about why I would be voting Yes on Friday and I wanted to get a few thoughts down for anyone who might be still on the fence.  These are some of my thoughts and opinions, for what they are worth…


Why I’m voting YES in the Marriage Referendum

Primarily because it’s the right thing to do…

It really bothers me that in today’s world there are still people who believe that people who are different should be denied the same rights.

It’s not “gay rights” or “women’s rights” or whatever… it’s simply human rights.  We are all on this planet together, regardless of race, religion, beliefs, sex or orientation.Read More

Hawk Walk

For Christmas, my lovely lady wife got myself and my father a voucher for a Falconry of Ireland session, which we were finally able to redeem this morning.

The day starts with a coffee as you walk around and have a look at some of the fascinating birds in the aviaries.  You then get a general introduction to falconry as a sport and they explain the differences between hawks, falcons and buzzards.  This is important as we will be walking with hawks and watching a falcon demonstration later and their techniques are indeed, very different.Read More

Formal Friday

formalfridayCasual Fridays are a bit cliché at this stage so we wanted to do something a little different…

The whole team got involved in #FormalFriday to raise money for charity.

We all got some funny looks arriving into work this morning, obviously some passers by thought there were a lot of “walks of shame” in town from last night…

Be so good they can’t ignore you…

Be so good they can’t ignore you! If I practised ANYTHING as much as this guy has obviously spent honing his craft, I would be a far better entrepreneur!

Liverpool – Premier League Winners?

liverpoolI’ve been mulling over this exciting time in Liverpool’s history – I am after all, apparently a supporter

My understanding (as rudimentary as it is on football) is that Liverpool was written off for years but performed a Herculean task to almost win the league this year and everyone was aghast because a once great club fell on hard times and should never be allowed to do well again?

Is this not the very essence of sport, sportsmanship, perseverance and determination – all the things supposed to be important to sports fans?

So, in the spirit of sport and competition, even though Manchester City actually won the title, did Liverpool actually win the competition?

No? ok…

Couch to 5k (then 10k next day…)

My first ever 5km run - icy rain was an added "bonus"

My first ever 5km run – icy rain was an added “bonus”

About a year ago I first met Canice from Cara Pharmacy through EO.

We meet up once a month for our forum and for the last few months of the 2013, apparently I was doing nothing but whining about not being in shape or in any way fit.  Canice mentioned the Cara Bundoran Run that he is involved with and it could be a good target to aim for.

Read More

RAKNomination not NEKNomination

rakI got tired of seeing all the stupid things people were doing for this NekNomination craze and I just don’t understand the allure of this pastime.

Granted, I am a non-drinker but still, some of the things these people were coming up with was just insane!

I am, however, intrigued by the idea of publicly nominating two of your immediate circle of friends to do something which they are then – in theory – accountable for.  I was sure this could be used for something more positive than the two tragic deaths which occurred as a result of people taking part in this NEKNomination stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with people having a few drinks, I don’t even have a problem with people getting drunk – I’ve had many great nights out with people who were well on their way… I don’t even think that the NEKNomination craze is responsible for the issues we’ve had with the deaths and injuries – I think we have a bigger, deeper problem with our attitude to alcohol in this country, but that’s another post.

When I thought about doing something more socially aware using the same social accountability structure I thought the name Donate Draft would be good.  You do something nice for someone and then Draft in two of your friends to do the same.  When I was outlining this to others, the donate part of the name seemed to imply more of a monetary element rather than just doing something nice.

I saw the video from the South African Brent Lindeque and thought the Random Act of Kindness Nomination would be a better fit for a name – shortened to RAKNomination, hence the site was born –

If you are interested in helping out in any way shape or form, please drop me a line and possibly share the site around to your network.