Lead Like A Woman – The Men Who Support The Women

Honoured to be featured on Lead Like A Woman’s podcast episode recently where I had a really fun conversation with Andrea about a wide range of topics tied to leadership, equality, family and more!

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Translation Strategy is Important

I had a great time chatting with Wendy from the Global Marketing Show about all things international marketing and why it’s important to thing globally even when you’re starting out your local business.

30 years of being an “Alpha” male in the International Language Travel Industry

When I was 11 years old, my sister and I would run laps around the kitchen table at home picking up individual sheets with course details on them, collate them and put them into branded folders.  

We would then read the letters written by my parents to potential clients, see how many folders should be included in each packet and stuff them all into huge envelopes, ready to be sent all over the world – some to countries I’d never even heard of.

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EO GSEA 2019 – Macau

Another year, another inspiring EO GSEA Global Finals!

This year the Global Finals were in Macau and I had the privilege of acting as MC for the event again this year.

This was also my last year as the Chair of the competition so the whole event was somewhat bittersweet!

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GSEA Global Finals 2018 – Toronto

Once again I was blown away by the level of entrepreneurship, dedication and passion that these young entrepreneurs exhibit!

Every time I meet a GSEA contestant I am impressed by what they are trying to accomplish and inspired by the passion they Read More

Adios Madrid…

With a whole range of mixed emotions… From Madrid Barajas airport – my last video from Spain after an amazing year of living in this fantastic city.