Stephen Shortt Bio

I'm on a mission to make the world a better place, with happy people in fulfilling, rewarding careers!

As a Career & Talent Strategist, Stephen is deeply committed to helping individuals and organisations in devising and achieving their career aspirations through a blend of career counselling, talent assessment, and strategic planning. His work with ETC Consult, CareerFit, Talent Select, Successful Succession, Delta Events and Distributed Training is centred around helping to match the right people with the right careers.

Growing up in two family businesses and nearly walking away from it all, Stephen developed a framework for Successful Succession, which he passionately shares in his keynote, “Build a Killer Family Business, Without Killing Your Family.” His other keynote, “Hiring the Right People” is crucial for all types of businesses looking to find ideal candidates to augment their teams, emphasizing the universal importance of aligning team members with organizational goals.

In the GSEA competition, his role as the former Global Chair and MC for various global and regional finals highlights his continued support for young entrepreneurs worldwide. His connection to the event, notably featured in the Disney+/National Geographic documentary "Own The Room," obviously allows him to use the title of "Disney Princess" on his LinkedIn profile.

Stephen's upcoming books, “Your Future Career” and “Your Next Career,” are further examples of his commitment to helping others at different stages of their career journeys. “Your Future Career” is geared towards students and young professionals, while “Your Next Career” offers guidance for those seeking to change or enhance their career paths.

Living life alongside his Spanish wife and two bilingual daughters, with whom moments spent in Spain are deeply cherished, Stephen balances professional insight with personal connection.

Get in touch with Stephen for guidance, training, partnership, and collaboration in your organisational or personal career journey, whether considering a keynote, exploring his books, or seeking a guest for your podcast or interview.