Amazing PR for the princely sum of £3!

You’ve probably seen this amazing letter doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment.

A 3 and a half year old girl sent in a question about the bread in Sainsburys and the customer manager wrote back a very human letter in response and included a £3 gift certificate for the girl.

It’s a great example of how businesses should really be talking with their customers, especially ones who reach out to you.

The letter could easily have been thrown in the bin or disregarded as a waste of the managers time but the fact that he took the time to write a response to her – importantly, writing it at her level and in her language – makes it something people want to talk about and share.

You might say that £3 wasn’t a lot to give someone and for all the publicity it’s a tiny amount but I don’t think the monetary value is what’s important here.

Some cynics have even asked if it’s all staged but I would like to think that it’s just a case of people in business doing what they should be doing…